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December 2009

Criminal Convictions Clashing with Employment

With the job market and employment rate being what it is, many potential employees are doing everything possible to clean up their records to improve their chances of employment. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal is a prime example of what is going on today. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB125789494126242343.html Employers often inquire as to whether the employment candidate has a criminal conviction and more so today what the financial stability of …Read More

The North Carolina Court of Appeals Says Your Electronic Signature Is Just As Good As Your Written One

Suppose for a moment a business acquaintance of yours sends you an email proposing a specific transaction. And let’s suppose you respond that it sounds great, let’s do it. You might be thinking you haven’t really committed to anything since you haven’t signed any contracts or agreements. And you might be wrong. Digital signatures have finally been officially approved by the North Carolina Court of Appeals. In a recent decision …Read More

Discovery- A Necessary Tool

Discovery is an important part of the litigation process, and can have a major impact on the ultimate outcome of the lawsuit.

−Discovery- A Necessary Tool

In the course of a lawsuit, the Plaintiff and Defendant have the opportunity to request information from each other regarding the case. The purpose of discovery is to encourage and allow each party to find out what evidence the other  party has in support of its case. This process allows the parties to determine the strengths and weaknesses of their case and their opponent’s case. Some of the mechanisms for obtaining information include Interrogatories, …Read More

Electronic Signatures Gain Official Approval From North Carolina Court

Simply agreeing to the terms and conditions of the agreement and responding via email to the other parties may be enough to create a binding agreement.

−Electronic Signatures Gain Official Approval From North Carolina Court

Digital signatures have finally  been officially approved by the North Carolina Court of Appeals. In a recent decision by the North Carolina  Court of Appeals in Powell vs. City  of Newton, the Court enforced a settlement agreement even though no settlement  agreement had actually been  signed. As far as we know, this is the first reference to this statute by the  North Carolina Court of Appeals. The Court reached it’s …Read More

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