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LLC Packages

We have formed numerous LLCs in North Carolina and want to help you create your LLC. Select the LLC Package that is best suited for you.


  • File Articles of Organization
  • Pay filing fee
  • Custom Operating Agreement
  • Documents emailed in PDF format
  • Custom Minutes & Resolutions
  • Corporate Notebook
  • Membership Certificates
  • -
  • -
  • -


one time


  • File Articles of Organization
  • Pay filing fee
  • Custom Operating Agreement
  • Documents emailed in PDF format
  • Custom Minutes & Resolutions
  • Custom Corporate Notebook
  • Custom Membership Certificates
  • Custom Corporate Seal
  • Obtain IRS Employer ID Number
  • 1-year Registered Agent service


one time

We know you have questions. Take a look at our FAQ.

Why form a LLC?

An LLC provides a business owner with protection of his or her personal assets, much like a corporation but with less corporate formalities. In addition, it provides the tax benefit of being a pass-through entity. In other words, the LLC does not pay taxes, the tax obligation passes through to the owners.

Do you provide any information and consultation about forming or operating LLCs?

Once you complete the LLC Preparation form, we will contact you and answer any questions you may have about your LLC and the formation process.

When can the LLC begin operating?

On the day the Articles of Organization are filed with the Secretary of State.

How long will it take to get the LLC formation process completed?

Generally, the North Carolina Secretary of State processes LLCs within 7 days, though we do not control that time frame. Once the Secretary of State provides us with a file-stamped Articles of Organization, we strive to have the remaining process completed within 10 business days.

How do I get a federal employer ID number (EIN) for my LLC?

Once the Articles of Organization have been processed by the Secretary of State, we can obtain the EIN from the IRS once you have provided us with the proper authority. (Supreme Package Only)  

Will the North Carolina Secretary of State reject the name of my LLC?

Prior to filing the Articles of Organization, we check with the North Carolina Secretary of State to ensure your LLC name is available. If there is a problem we will contact you to choose an alternate name.

When will you submit my LLC to be formed?

We will submit your LLC documentation within 3 business days of receiving all required information and payment. This excludes holidays and closures of the North Carolina Secretary of State.

What is a registered agent and what does it do?

A registered agent is the company’s authorized agent for acceptance of service of process. Every LLC must identify a registered agent located within North Carolina.

Who can qualify as a registered agent?

An individual or corporate entity within the state of North Carolina. The Registered Agent must have an address within the state of North Carolina.

What is a buy-sell agreement and why do I want one?

A buy-sell agreement is an agreement among members of an LLC that sets forth the terms by which members can transfer their membership interest voluntarily or in the event of death, disability or bankruptcy, among other contingencies. Often, a buy-sell agreement provides members with a right of first refusal in the event another member wants out of the company.

Why do I need an Operating Agreement?

An operating agreement provides a structure for the governance of the LLC, much the same way as bylaws operate for a corporation. It establishes rules and guidelines, as well as rights and duties, for members and managers. Having a well drafted operating agreement can help members minimize and resolve disputes that may occur during the life of the business.
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