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Alcoholic Beverage Control Law

The attorneys at Vann Attorneys have long provided services in various areas of business counsel, and now our attorneys are offering these services tailored to the unique and growing field of the alcoholic beverage industry. Encompassing both our traditional business law practice as well as industry-specific areas such as licensing, permits, and protection of intellectual property, we assist alcohol producers and retailers in every stage of their company’s growth. The statutes governing activity in this industry are rigorous and subject to change, so our attorneys work hard to assist clients with applications for permits, compliance with North Carolina regulations, and relationships with suppliers or vendors.

Our attorneys also provide clients with assistance beyond business law and licensing. With their extensive experience in contracts, our attorneys will assist in any stage of contract negotiation, drafting, and review—whether it be with suppliers, vendors, or distributors, or in such areas as employment contracts, operating agreements, or distribution contracts. With background in traditional areas such as business counsel and contracts, and the vast necessary knowledge of the alcohol industry and its regulations, our attorneys are prepared to assist clients in all areas of the industry.

It’s important for businesses in the alcoholic beverage industry to seek legal help when navigating any stage of growth. Initial steps such as obtaining licenses and permits, financing, business formation, and construction can be difficult and convoluted for those unfamiliar with these areas. For that reason, Vann Attorneys assists businesses in the alcoholic beverage industry to get off the ground and plan for the future. Even long-standing businesses can benefit from our attorneys’ assistance with ongoing matters such as federal and state compliance, taxes, distribution, brand development, and licensing agreements. Whether it be craft breweries, wineries, wholesalers, suppliers, or distilleries, large or small, new or established, our attorneys are prepared to work with clients in any phase of growth.

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