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Commercial Creditor’s Rights

Creditor’s Rights can include many aspects of recovering payment for services and/or products provided. This recovery may also include representing creditors in bankruptcy court. Vann Attorneys has attorneys who maintain active memberships in the American Bankruptcy Institute and the North Carolina Bar Association’s Bankruptcy Section and who actively assist clients in recovering assets. Our attorneys are experienced in and frequently appear in each of the three Federal Bankruptcy Districts spanning North Carolina. Our attorneys have trial experience in this arena as well as all aspects of representing creditors in Chapter 7, 11 and 13 bankruptcy proceedings. Our representation also includes representing creditors in preference claims, fraudulent transfers and other similar related cases.

Within the realm of Creditor’s Rights, our attorneys also are well versed in state court collection practices, including pre-judgment and post-judgment remedies. Often times, finding the assets can be the most difficult portion of recovery. Our firm has built a solid reputation for effective and efficient representation of creditors.

Our attorneys often represent secured and unsecured creditors, suppliers, manufacturers and other creditor clients. We often assist our clients with claims including receiverships, reclamation, UCC claims and other related matters.

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