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July 2012

“Welcome to Moe’s” Racketeering Claims Alleged Against Moe’s (What Lesson Can We Learn?)

The real issue which the franchisees disagreed with was that the franchisor allegedly earned money off the supply chain without disclosing it based upon the franchisee’s purchases of supplies.

−“Welcome to Moe’s” Racketeering Claims Alleged Against Moe’s (What Lesson Can We Learn?)

In a lawsuit currently pending in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, a Federal District Court Judge ruled in April of 2012 that franchisees may use racketeering claims against Moe’s Southwest Grill. The lawsuit was filed by franchisees who alleged that the franchisor had been taking money from the franchisees through a deceptive kickback scheme involving the supply chain for the company. The lawsuit is …Read More

What Fees Can You Recover for a Returned Check?

There is also the possibility of submitting the check to the District Attorney for prosecution of the returned check as criminal activity.

−What Fees Can You Recover for a Returned Check?

If you accept a check from your customer that is later returned for insufficient funds, North Carolina law provides a variety of fees and charges which you may recover. The North Carolina General Statutes provides that a creditor who receives a check which is returned for insufficient funds may recover not only the principal amount of the check but also processing fees and bank service fees. Processing Fee North Carolina …Read More

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