Alcoholic Beverage Control Law

The attorneys at Vann Attorneys have long provided services in various areas of business counsel, and now our attorneys are offering these services tailored to the unique and growing field of the alcoholic beverage industry. Encompassing both our traditional business law practice as well as industry-specific areas such as licensing, permits, and protection of intellectual property, we assist alcohol producers and retailers in every stage of their company’s growth. The statutes governing activity in this industry are rigorous and subject to change, so our attorneys work hard to assist clients with applications for permits, compliance with North Carolina regulations, and relationships with suppliers or vendors.

Our attorneys also provide clients with assistance beyond business law and licensing. With their extensive experience in contracts, our attorneys will assist in any stage of contract negotiation, drafting, and review—whether it be with suppliers, vendors, or distributors, or in such areas as employment contracts, operating agreements, or distribution contracts. With background in traditional areas such as business counsel and contracts, and the vast necessary knowledge of the alcohol industry and its regulations, our attorneys are prepared to assist clients in all areas of the industry.

It’s important for businesses in the alcoholic beverage industry to seek legal help when navigating any stage of growth. Initial steps such as obtaining licenses and permits, financing, business formation, and construction can be difficult and convoluted for those unfamiliar with these areas. For that reason, Vann Attorneys assists businesses in the alcoholic beverage industry to get off the ground and plan for the future. Even long-standing businesses can benefit from our attorneys’ assistance with ongoing matters such as federal and state compliance, taxes, distribution, brand development, and licensing agreements. Whether it be craft breweries, wineries, wholesalers, suppliers, or distilleries, large or small, new or established, our attorneys are prepared to work with clients in any phase of growth.

Appellate Practice

Vann Attorneys maintains an active practice in the appellate courts of North Carolina. Our attorneys are licensed to practice in all courts in North Carolina, and we represent clients in cases where trial court decisions are appealed to the North Carolina Court of Appeals as well as the United States Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Our experience includes representing appellants (those who did not agree with the trial court’s decision) and appellees (the party which prevailed in the trial court, but needs to defend that outcome). We also work with new clients and other attorneys who wish to utilize our experience in the appellate process though our firm was not involved at the trial court level.

In addition, Vann Attorneys works with trade associations and industry groups in the filing of amicus curiae (”friend of the court”) briefs. These briefs involve situations in which the client is not a direct participant, but has a vested interest in seeing the appellate court address and clarify an issue arising out of an existing appeal. For example, Vann Attorneys was retained by a trade association to provide an amicus curiae brief in a successful effort to reverse a Court of Appeals opinion which was contrary to the interests of the association’s members.

Appellate practice requires attention to detail, knowledge of the Rules of Appellate Procedure, strong research and writing skills, and oral advocacy skills. The attorneys at Vann Attorneys have a strong track record through the appellate process and look forward to assisting future clients in this arena.

Appellate Advocacy

The attorneys of Vann Attorneys handle cases in the appellate courts of North Carolina. We have attorneys admitted to practice before the:

  • North Carolina Supreme Court
  • North Carolina Court of Appeals
  • United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit
  • United States Supreme Court

Our attorneys understand and have experience with the technical procedural maze that is the appellate process. The firm handles appeals related to cases tried by the firm’s litigators, but also works with clients and attorneys who seek the firm’s assistance solely for the appellate process. Our team of attorneys has a broad base of experience and would appreciate the opportunity to assist you with any matter relating to an appeal.

Business Law & Planning

Vann Attorneys has built a solid reputation for providing counsel and advice to companies to assist them in improving their overall business structure. Our attorneys assist our corporate clients with a broad range of business counsel ranging from incorporation or formation of a new business, buy-sell agreements, mergers and acquisitions, negotiation of employment issues, non-compete provisions, confidentiality issues, contract negotiation and drafting and other similar services. We also assist our business clients with business succession planning, estate planning and ownership issues and asset protection.

Civil Litigation

“Civil Litigation” is an extremely broad topic in the practice of law. The lawyers of Vann Attorneys handle civil litigation primarily in the business context.  Our firm and attorneys have built a reputation for being prepared and ready as litigation develops.   Our firm handles a number of types of litigation matters.  This includes litigating contract disputes, breach of contract claims, covenants not to compete (both enforcing such covenants and opposing them), employment issues, corporate disputes, financial fraud, business torts, director and officer liability, labor and employment, unfair trade practices and unfair competition and other types of litigation.  Our litigation clients range from multi-national corporations to closely-held businesses, family businesses and individuals.  Within the realm of Civil Litigation, we also handle commercial collections, including pre-judgment attachments, claim and delivery actions and post-judgment collection procedures.  We have represented clients in State Court in almost every county of North Carolina and in the Federal Courts in North Carolina.

Commercial Creditor's Rights

Creditor’s Rights can include many aspects of recovering payment for services and/or products provided. This recovery may also include representing creditors in bankruptcy court. Vann Attorneys has attorneys who maintain active memberships in the American Bankruptcy Institute and the North Carolina Bar Association’s Bankruptcy Section and who actively assist clients in recovering assets. Our attorneys are experienced in and frequently appear in each of the three Federal Bankruptcy Districts spanning North Carolina. Our attorneys have trial experience in this arena as well as all aspects of representing creditors in Chapter 7, 11 and 13 bankruptcy proceedings. Our representation also includes representing creditors in preference claims, fraudulent transfers and other similar related cases.

Within the realm of Creditor’s Rights, our attorneys also are well versed in state court collection practices, including pre-judgment and post-judgment remedies. Often times, finding the assets can be the most difficult portion of recovery. Our firm has built a solid reputation for effective and efficient representation of creditors.

Our attorneys often represent secured and unsecured creditors, suppliers, manufacturers and other creditor clients. We often assist our clients with claims including receiverships, reclamation, UCC claims and other related matters.

Construction Law

Vann Attorneys represents a wide perspective of clients in the construction industry. Our core clients are material suppliers, homeowners, developers and similar entities involved in construction. Our attorneys provide a wide perspective of legal expertise and experience to provide options for our clients. We assist clients from pre-construction preparation to post project closeouts.

Vann Attorneys handles commercial collections in construction related matters, creditor’s rights in bankruptcy and receivership, materialsmen’s lien claims, payment and performance bond claims, contract review, contract disputes and other construction related claims. We have attorneys who grew up in the construction industry and have a very thorough understanding of the industry and process, attorneys who worked for banks and even a former IRS employee. Our attorneys offer a breadth of life experiences which help inform the decision making and advice provided by our attorneys. The wide range of experience helps us formulate strategies, advice and perspective in construction related matters.

Vann Attorneys construction attorneys provide sound advice based upon experience, knowledge and precedent. Our attorneys are experienced litigators which provide us the advantage to pass along to our clients a balanced perspective for evaluating cases and minimizing risks. Several of our attorneys are active members of the Construction Law Section of the North Carolina and American Bar Association which allows our firm to stay up to date with trends, court and administrative decisions and pending legislation impacting the construction industry. Our attorneys are often consulted by other attorneys, lobbyists, legislators and Bar Associations regarding construction related items.

Our attorneys often serve as speakers within the construction industry. Our attorneys provide seminars for groups ranging from company discussions to regional and national conferences. We also publish articles of interest to the construction industry on a regular basis.


The attorneys at Vann Attorneys are available to assist clients in contract negotiation, drafting and review. Believing that preparation and prevention are often the best cure, our attorneys work with clients during the negotiation phase prior to the execution of contracts in an effort to assist clients in protecting themselves on the front end of a deal. Our firm reviews contracts before the client signs the contract. Our attorneys likewise are prepared to take the lead in drafting not only single use contracts but also commercial agreements, including credit applications, guarantees, employment contracts, operating agreements, policy manuals, privacy agreements and security agreements just to name a few. With the last of that list, we also assist with the necessary collateralization documents. We have attorneys who assist with all aspects of corporate formation and the related contractual agreements.

Estate Planning

Thinking about what happens to your family and how you provide for them after your death or injury is a difficult process. However, the difficult decisions you make now will save your family from making these same difficult decisions later, usually when they are struggling to cope with your injury, incapacity or death.

Most of us carry multiple forms of insurance to protect themselves from a possible devastating loss: we have car insurance with high personal injury limits, disability insurance, homeowner’s insurance, and insurance that covers the replacement value of expensive property. Yet many of us have failed to plan for a certain, rather than a possible, devastating loss: what happens to our family after we die? Many of us do not have even a simple Will to direct how our hard-earned property goes after death and, in the case of higher net worth individuals, to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes. Most of us do not have Powers of Attorney to allow our family to act in our place in the event we are incapacitated. Our family instead will have to attend a public guardianship hearing and possibly incur thousands of dollars in attorneys’ fees and administration costs. Even our closest family members have no idea what kind of medical care and treatment we would want if we are terminally ill or in a coma, whether we want to donate organs, or what funeral arrangements should be made. These exact decisions will be made by our family at a time when they are dealing with an emotionally difficult situation – an especially terrible burden when they are unsure what our wishes are.

We will work with you throughout the process of estate planning to give you greater peace of mind and confidence in knowing your loved ones are protected. The documents you will receive will be crafted to your situation and will provide you with the greatest flexibility, security, and clarity.

Local Counsel

The lawyers at Vann Attorneys appear regularly before judges and courts throughout the state, making us ideally situated to serve as local counsel for out-of-state or foreign clients. Due to our extensive experience in state and federal courts, our firm is an excellent choice for parties that need to bring suit or find themselves sued in North Carolina courts. Our approach is tailored to the needs of each individual client – we will take on as expansive or limited role as those needs, and the preference of lead counsel, may dictate.

Our Attorneys are admitted to practice before the North Carolina State Courts as well as the United States District Courts and Bankruptcy Courts for the Western, Eastern and Middle Districts of North Carolina. We are available for association to enable you to appear as a pro had vice attorney in North Carolina state court and also as a special appearance attorney in the Western, Middle or Eastern Districts of North Carolina.

Our experience, knowledge and accessibility are characteristics of our commitment to service which is why we have been chosen to serve as local counsel. Please feel free to contact us to inquire or talk with us about serving as local counsel.

Licensure Representation / Administrative Law

Representing clients who encounter licensing or disciplinary questions or issues for their profession or trade is important to us. Our attorneys provide experience, knowledge, options and effective advocacy when handling licensing or disciplinary issues. We can represent individuals and businesses before the professional and occupational licensing bodies in North Carolina. Our attorneys can also advise and represent applicants for licensure before the licensing boards.

When faced with matters before a state agency, having an experienced advocate can make all the difference. Understanding the regulations is an important part of protecting your profession and/or trade.

Mediation / Arbitration

At Vann Attorneys, we utilize alternative dispute for the benefit of our clients. Vann Attorneys uses mediation and/or arbitration, both voluntary and court-ordered, early in cases which can assist in resolving disputes prior to long drawn out litigation. Our attorneys offer a broad range of experience with alternative dispute resolution. One of the benefits of such experience is the ability of our attorneys to help develop creative options for our clients in resolving disputes.

Our attorneys also represent clients in arbitration hearings and in mediated settlement conferences whether elective, court-ordered or contractually required.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Our office is prepared to help clients with the process of using Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and equipment. This technology and equipment will likely impact almost every industry and business in the United States. This technology has the potential of providing great economic impact to many businesses and individuals. We are prepared to assist our clients with the issues surrounding the use of UAS equipment.

Our experience of assisting clients with legal issues and government regulations will provide beneficial to clients choosing to use this technology and equipment. The issues which will likely arise include:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Privacy Issues
  • Regulatory Approval
  • Insurance and Risk Management
  • Operating UAS Equipment in the U.S.
  • Risk Management
  • Litigation
  • Limiting Contract Liability

Our team is looking forward to serving our clients with these issues.

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