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Estate Planning

New Year’s Questions

The turn from one year to another is a good time to reflect both personally and professionally, even from a legal perspective.  There are a number of areas for both where a little thought can make a big difference. On a personal level, the new year is a perfect time to examine your estate planning and to make any changes that may be necessary because of the previous year’s events.  …Read More

Your New Year’s Legal Checkup

​The end of the year is often a busy time for business owners and other individuals. It is easy to let some seemingly less pressing business and personal legal updates get pushed aside until the new year. Of course, when the new year starts, different challenges and time commitments can cause people to forget about those basic, yet important, legal matters. So as 2012 begins, perhaps it is time for …Read More

Protecting Your Family and Loved Ones

Practically everyone knows what a will is, most know why it is important, and some have taken the steps necessary to have a will prepared and executed. However, many people are unfamiliar with the other estate planning tools that are available and that should be part of every estate plan. Trust: If you have minor children, it is important that your plan include a trust for their benefit. The purpose …Read More

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