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October 2008

Hot Legal Topics Seminars: A Review

We would love to get your feedback on the locations, topics and overall quality of the events.

−Hot Legal Topics Seminars: A Review

We at Vann & Sheridan would like to thank those who joined us in Raleigh or Charlotte for the recent “Hot Legal Topics” seminar and receptions. For those unable to attend, we hope that you will be able to join us in the coming years as we hope to make these an annual event. This year, we covered topics including Securing Collections in a Challenging Economy; E-Discovery Issues and how …Read More

Identify Theft and FTC Red Flag

If your business has not adopted a written policy, we will be glad to assist you in preparing a policy for your business.

−Identify Theft and FTC Red Flag

North Carolina law provides that a business which operates in North Carolina and collects personally identifiable information (social security number, drivers license number, date of birth, etc.) on individuals (including employees and customers), the business is required to maintain an Identify Theft Policy. The Federal Trade Commission now requires businesses to identify “red flags” which are areas for possible identify theft and to adopt a written policy to protect personally …Read More

Signs That A Customer May Be Approaching Bankruptcy

It takes simple measures and diligence to monitor these signs. To begin, cultivate strong relationships both with the customer and within your own company.

−Signs That A Customer May Be Approaching Bankruptcy

It can be shocking, crushing, and, worse, financially devastating to have a valued customer declare bankruptcy. However, the ambitious credit manager and business owner should strive to be prepared for the bankruptcy of a customer. Careful planning can mitigate or even negate the economic impact of a customer’s bankruptcy. Yet to fully prepare for the worst, it is necessary to have an idea of what might be coming. That is …Read More

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