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April 2010

Lien Waivers Can Have An Unexpected Result

In construction cases, lien waivers are generally used as requests for payment are made. Caution is the word when dealing with lien waivers. In a recent case decided by the North Carolina Business Court, (Wachovia Bank vs Superior Construction Corp.) the Court interpreted a lien wavier against the general contractor. In this case, Wachovia was the lender and Superior Construction was the general contractor. The project was a condominium complex …Read More

Filing Annual Reports with the N.C. Secretary of States Office

The North Carolina Secretary of State’s Office recently mailed out “Notices of Grounds of Administrative Dissolution” to businesses which lacked one or more filed annual reports.  As you are probably aware, business corporations and limited liability companies which are approved to conduct business in the State by the N.C. Secretary of State are required to file annual reports with the Secretary of State.  Being delinquent on filing the annual reports …Read More

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