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January 2011

Options To Purchase In Contracts: Why Courts May Opt Out of Enforcing Them

Without a doubt, many of you have come across options to purchase in contracts.  What you may not know about them however, is courts may not always enforce them.  So what do courts examine in determining whether to validate an option to purchase?  The recent North Carolina Business Court case, NRC Golf Course, LLC v. JMR Golf, LLC, offers tremendous insight on this issue. According to the parties’ contract, plaintiff …Read More

Improve Yourself and Your Business Too!

Whenever a new year rolls around, you often hear people making resolutions for themselves.  But wouldn’t it be great if we could improve both ourselves AND our businesses this year?  Such a goal can easily be achieved by formulating a business plan specific to your company. But what is a “business plan”?  Generally, it is a plan that lays out how to run your business on an annual basis.  However, …Read More

We Have to Litigate This Across the Pond? A look at the recent ruling in the Fourth Circuit case, Albemarle Corp. v. AstraZeneca UK Ltd.

It is always interesting when a court holds that the laws of another country should apply, and such was the ruling in Albemarle Corp. v. AstraZeneca UK Ltd.  After examining the contract between the two parties, the Court held that even though the contract’s forum selection clause would have been allowed under American law and the lawsuit could have been filed in South Carolina, the language of the forum clause …Read More

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