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June 2011

Creative Business Planning Creates Business Success

Planning ahead in business generally creates success.  Finding the time to plan and think about your business much less be creative in your thinking and planning can be difficult. But this type of planning is normally profitable in the long run.  I recently had the opportunity to speak to a group of business owners about planning for success and protecting themselves and their business.  Here are a few of the …Read More

Business Succession: Planning an Exit Strategy

As a successful business owner, you have likely spent the majority of your working life building a business. You have an emotional and financial attachment to the business. Succession planning is essential, whether you value making sure the business is in good hands when you retire or making sure you gain financial security when you exit the business. Some of the key factors to consider when planning for your eventual …Read More

Protecting Your Family and Loved Ones

Practically everyone knows what a will is, most know why it is important, and some have taken the steps necessary to have a will prepared and executed. However, many people are unfamiliar with the other estate planning tools that are available and that should be part of every estate plan. Trust: If you have minor children, it is important that your plan include a trust for their benefit. The purpose …Read More

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