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March 2012

Buying or Selling a Closely Held Business – A Few Steps to Consider

Taking on only the company’s assets prevents any future surprises for the buyer.

−Buying or Selling a Closely Held Business – A Few Steps to Consider

Agreeing to a sales price is hardly the final step in the negotiation process in the sale of a business. Even once the discussions have led a preliminary agreement to transfer ownership of a business at a particular price, the parties to the transaction still might not be on the same page as to what exactly entails “the business” that is being transferred. The buyer’s understanding of “the business” might …Read More

Establishing a Social Media Policy

As the use of social media becomes more prevalent in the business community, companies need to be prepared to deal with all of the implications and potential issues that may arise.

−Establishing a Social Media Policy

Most people are familiar with and use social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to communicate with friends, to network and connect with people, and for entertainment purposes. It is highly likely that many people use these sites while at work. In addition, many businesses are taking advantage of these social media tools to get information out to the public and to create awareness about their brands.  While …Read More

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