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January 2013

New Year’s Questions

The turn from one year to another is a good time to reflect both personally and professionally, even from a legal perspective.  There are a number of areas for both where a little thought can make a big difference. On a personal level, the new year is a perfect time to examine your estate planning and to make any changes that may be necessary because of the previous year’s events.  …Read More

ABC’s of Partnership Agreements

When starting any new business venture or establishing a new business entity, having appropriate documentation is important. The importance of having such documentation is increased substantially when more than one person is involved. We often help clients by drafting their corporate bylaws or LLC operating agreements, both of which set out how the organization will operate as well as the rights and duties of the shareholders or members. However, many …Read More

Pre-Judgment Proceedings

Most businesses and business people are all too familiar with the protracted exercise that is involved when attempting to collect on a judgment. Few, however, are as familiar with two potentially powerful methods that can be used before entry of a judgment and may alleviate the need for drawn out post-judgment execution proceedings. Claim and Delivery Claim and delivery allows a plaintiff to recover personal property from the defendant long …Read More

Limited Liability Companies Filing Annual Reports with the North Carolina Secretary of State’s Office

Each business incorporated with the North Carolina Secretary of State’s office is required to file an annual report with the Secretary of State’s office each year. Depending upon the type of business entity will determine when the report is actually due. Thus, it is important to keep in mind when an annual report is due. If you, as a business owner, have several incorporated businesses which differ in the type …Read More

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