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Collections Techniques in Bankruptcy

Jim Beck discusses discusses situations in which a bankruptcy is either beneficial to a creditor or only a mild hindrance to collection. Creditors should actively seek out opportunities to use the bankruptcy laws to their benefit and make sure there are no available recovery options prior to ceasing collection activities.Read More

Drone Law Coming to North Carolina

Most of us are familiar with unmanned drones being used for military and reconnaissance purposes. However, some are looking for ways to use drones for commercial purposes. For example, Amazon is exploring the feasibility of delivering packages via drones. Farmers already use drones to fertilize crops. North Carolina is seeking to become a leader in the drone industry, hoping to bring jobs, entrepreneurs and new opportunity to the state. The …Read More

Protecting Your Hard Work: Do You Need a Trademark? Raleigh Law Firm

Businesses spend substantial resources on developing a brand, establishing goodwill with their customers and the general public and differentiating themselves from competitors.  A successful business therefore has a strong incentive to protect its identity.  That identity may be a name, a logo or some other unique phrase or mark.  In many situations, it is not only helpful- it’s vital- that a business take affirmative steps to protect that identity. One …Read More

Jim Beck Selected and Appointed to YPN Programs Committee of Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE RALEIGH, N.C. – Jim Beck, Attorney at Law with Vann Attorneys, PLLC, has been recently selected and appointed to the Young Professionals Network Programs Committee of the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce.   The YPN engages young professionals ages 23 to 39 to help them become more competitive business leaders.  Jim has been a member of the Young Professionals Network for over five years. As a member …Read More

The Importance of a Name

One would be hard-pressed to overstate the importance of a name in the business world. The name of a business is its identity. Many names become so valued, or are so valued by the owner, that they are trademarked so nobody else can benefit from the name. In my profession, getting the names of the parties to a lawsuit correct seems basic but is vital to the success of a …Read More

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