Employers Dealing With Social Media and Mobile Devices at Work

There is no doubt companies are facing real questions regarding how to handle the usage of social media in the workplace and usage of mobile devices at work by their employees.

Social Media in the Workplace
Many businesses and business owners are dealing with multiple questions regarding the use of social media at work. Should they allow it, if so to what extent? Can this be a benefit for the business or could it create some potential problems? Many businesses question whether they can use social media for decisions on hiring, firing and any discipline issues with current employees? Can a business limit the use of social media?

Setting Policies for Using Social Media

Most employees either already have a social media profile or will have one soon. It is almost inevitable. According to one recent survey, 55% of Americans age 45-54 have a social media profile. Another recent statistic is that 66% of online adults use social media sites to some degree. If your business does not have a policy regarding the usage of social media, it would be wise to establish such a policy in the near future.

Establishing a policy for social media usage will require special thought given your business and industry. Some industries and businesses totally limit and block out all social media websites from being accessed from business related computers. While other businesses give full access to such resources. As we all know, balancing need, benefit and risk is inherent in business.

A social media policy should address a number of factors. One factor to address is employees who use social media for personal purposes vs. employees who use social media on behalf of the business. For personal purposes, many businesses require that employees keep separate their personal information and that of the business. Also, the employee should use their personal email account to set up the social media profile and not their business related email. Businesses should also limit the use of their trademarks, logos and intellectual property unless agreed to in writing. Businesses should also protect confidential information which they maintain.

Businesses should also take the needed steps to protect their ownership over the information, data and content of the postings of their employees which is created on behalf of the business. There are a number of other factors to consider but these are a few of the most prevalent ones to think about.

Creating a policy will certainly protect your business providing the policy is set up properly. There are a large number of circumstances to consider. If you have questions, please free to contact us.