Hiring for Culture of the Company | What You Need to Know Before Your Next Hire

Tips on Hiring For Culture Protection

There is no secret about the importance of hiring for company culture.  Every business has a culture.  Culture is generally defined as the customs, beliefs and values of a particular group of people.  Some cultures are developed by accident while others are developed with intention.  Typically, we all like to be in an environment with like-minded people when it comes to culture.  There is a great comfort in working around others with the same core values.

I recently read an interview with Jessica Herrin entitled “Put the Culture Over the Quarter” that caused me to think about the business clients we represent and how their culture impacts their business.  What an honor it is to have the opportunity to work with focused business owners as they drive to improve and grown their business.

The advice provided by Jessica Herrin of being “fierce about your hiring filters” is so true!  It is almost evident when I work with our business clients as to those who are fierce about making the best hiring decision or those that are in such a rush to hire that they hire people who are almost good enough to fit the culture.  I am sure you can guess why I get a call from our clients about the employee is who is not on the same page any longer and what they should do.  Should they counsel the employee or should they terminate the employment.

Hiring for Culture of the Company | What You Need to Know Before Your Next Hire

Spending time ahead of hiring employees and doing some thought provoking reflection is essential in making the best hiring decision.  What type of personality are you in need of hiring?  What skill set should the employee possess?  What will success look like for this employee in their new role?  How will they be trained in your company and do they have the same culture and values as you and/or your business?

Once you have determined the answers to questions such as these, it is imperative to know how to interview potential candidates in looking for the best fit to protect the culture.  As an attorney, I thought I knew how to ask questions and solicit the information I hoped to get.  In a court setting, I know how to ask the right questions and how to handle the question and answer game.  But, in an interview for hiring employees, it is a different game.  It requires a different mindset.  It took a hiring consultant to teach me how best to ask potential employees to open up and tell me about themselves and get to their core values.

Knowing what drives, motivates and challenges a person will tell you a lot about their values.  What does the potential employee want to achieve in life?  What are they passionate about?  What is their authentic passion about work?  How are they motivated about self or others?

Most of the calls I get from our clients about employee problems can be broadly summed up in that the employee is not a team player or is not on the same page any longer.  In short, the employee does not share the same corporate culture.  Having employees who do not share the company culture is an emotional and financial drag on the business. It generally dampens the positive outlook of others in the company.

As a business owner or an invested employee of a company, be fierce in protecting the company culture.  Be known for your perseverance in protecting what you have identified as your core values and beliefs while you grow your business.

If you have questions or need help in this area, please feel free to contact me.