Learning From Others To Benefit Your Business

In a recent article entitled “When Mark Met Don” from the Wall Street Journal, the author discusses the benefits of a friendship between Washington Post’s Don Graham and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook.  This article brought to mind how many of our business clients (and ourselves) learn from others.

Often times, our business clients derive valuable knowledge and wisdom from others in their industry and from similarly situated trade groups.  This is natural.  Many of these people have gained experience in their business/industry which they are willing to share with others.  What a valuable way to learn from the mistakes and fortunes of others.

We all can also learn from people who may appear to be different.  These differences are likely unlimited but could include age, business industry, socially, economically, politically, etc.

As we talk with our business clients about strategy, business growth, business opportunities, etc., it becomes even more obvious that most business owners enjoy learning and enjoy the challenge of business management.  Thus, it seems evident that at times we all could learn from those around us who are not even in our own industry.

As you ponder this year on how to grow your business, how to better manage your business and employees, how to improve your company profitability, and how to overall get better at what you do, consider seeking out those business leaders who may be totally different from you or your industry.  What might you learn?