Running a Business: Marathon or Sprint? Entrepreneurial Tips

Diligence is so important when running your own business.  Diligence is required in remaining focused in the early development, implementation of ideas and plans, detail orientation and dreaming for the next development in the business.  It has been a joy to watch business clients as they remain diligent in developing business ideas into thriving economic engines.  Diligence applies to both preparation for the sprint and the marathon portion of your business.

There are definite times when running your business will be the fastest sprint you could ever imagine.  Going fast can be advantageous.  Going fast can keep your competition far from you and keep you ahead of the pack as you set the new standard and stage for your business and industry.  Keeping your business nimble and agile is a huge advantage.  It is a huge plus to be able to change your business today based upon your customer needs.  It is important to keep asking yourself how you can remain agile and flexible to avoid competitors from sneaking up and taking you out.

There are also many times in business when being diligent for the marathon, the long-haul, will also pay off.  Being patient in business is a virtue.  Making sure your numbers are in line, your supplier and vendor relationships are performing at peak performance.  Making sure the plans you have put into place are the plans you need to carry the business to the next level.  Check and re-check.  Look at the business from difference angles.  How can it run more efficiently?  How can the business improve in its performance?

Remain focused and diligent as you develop your business ideas and put the plans into place.  Feel free to contact us as you development new business ideas or need help in running more efficiently.