We are Pleased to Announce the Launch of the New Vann Attorneys Website | Raleigh Law Firm

We are excited to announce the launch of Vann Attorneys’ new website. We’ve worked hard to create a modern website that is easy to navigate and fun to use. Our website is optimized to work on your laptop, desktop, tablet and smartphone. Our new social features make it easy for you to connect with our professionals and share content on all of your favorite platforms.

Responsive Design
One of our primary goals in creating our new site was to make our content accessible to all of our clients. This is a growing challenge as more and more of us are using various screen sizes, tablets and smartphones. Traditionally, organizations focus their efforts on websites that are accessed via traditional notebook and desktop computers. More recently, efforts have been focused on adding a “mobile site” that includes general information found on the “desktop” site. Although this is a great solution, our clients emphasized that they wanted to be able to access our ENTIRE site in an easy-to-read format on their phones and tablets. With this is mind, our new website employs what is called a “responsive design” that dynamically resizes to fit your browser. This means that no matter what device you are using right now, our website will change to give you a great viewing experience. If you are on a notebook or desktop computer, resize your browser right now to see how this works.

Clean, Modern Design
We are committed to keeping you up-to-date on the latest legal and business issues. To reinforce this commitment, we have created a new website that delivers rich content in a clean and organized way. Our new website has changed the organizational structure of our Blog and has added new categories to better suite our clients. These include Videos, Events, Webinar, Articles, Podcast, Press Releases and Archives. To further organize this content, we have made all categories viewable through our News & Events page. Our website infrastructure has been developed to make this content easily accessible and fast to load.

Social Features
How do you share information with your friends, family and colleagues? Whether it is by email or through social media sites such as Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook, we have worked hard to make it easy for you to share information that is important to you. In addition to commenting on our blog, you are now able to share our blog articles, events, webinars, articles, podcasts and press releases in one simple click. Try out our new social features by sharing this article now!

New Legal Pad Videos on Demand
We are excited to announce that Vann Attorneys has launched a new Legal Pad Videos On Demand series through Vimeo on Demand. We will be making select webinars available through on-demand videos, available for purchase soon after each of our webinars. Our clients have expressed a great interest in being able to re-watch webinars and share presentations with their colleagues and business team. Our Legal Pad Videos On Demand will allow you to watch videos on your desktop, notebook, tablet and smartphone instantly, while also allowing you to download videos directly to your computer.

We hope our new website is useful to you. Try our new site features by bookmarking our site to your smartphone home screen, commenting on our blog and sharing our articles with your colleagues. We thank you for your thoughts and recommendations in helping to create our new site and ask for your continued feedback as we work to constantly improve our website and content. Thank you.

Update: We have received great feedback on our website and folks have asked who developed our site; Our web developer is Technology NC, a Raleigh startup specializing in website development and small business marketing.

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