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October 2012

How Receiverships Work in North Carolina

Receivership is a state court process which provides an orderly process to preserve assets, prevent preferences, and to assure the equitable distribution of an insolvent debtor’s assets.

−How Receiverships Work in North Carolina

Most business people and business owners have experienced issues associated with bankruptcy court. For many businesses which extend credit to their customers, they may find themselves involved as a creditor to a customer in bankruptcy. Certainly, learning the ins and outs of bankruptcy court as a creditor can be a challenging experience. There is another process and procedure which is similar to bankruptcy which is called “Receivership”. Receivership is a …Read More

Employers Dealing With Social Media and Mobile Devices at Work

Businesses should also take the needed steps to protect their ownership over the information, data and content of the postings of their employees which is created on behalf of the business.

−Employers Dealing With Social Media and Mobile Devices at Work

There is no doubt companies are facing real questions regarding how to handle the usage of social media in the workplace and usage of mobile devices at work by their employees. Social Media in the Workplace Many businesses and business owners are dealing with multiple questions regarding the use of social media at work. Should they allow it, if so to what extent? Can this be a benefit for the …Read More

New Legislation Impacting Businesses

Regardless of how all of this plays out, it is beneficial for business owners and managers to be aware of potential opportunities and pitfalls associated with changes in the law.

−New Legislation Impacting Businesses

If you attended Vann & Sheridan’s Hot Legal Topics this year, you hopefully gained some information regarding some new laws recently passed and currently under consideration that may impact businesses. Given the state of our economy, Congress is continuously searching for ways to turn things around. In that regard, there are some interesting new laws that could be voted on soon that may positively or negatively impact your business. In …Read More

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