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November 2012

Buying Certainty

If you turn on the news (or, as is more likely in today’s world, open up your favorite news website), chances are pretty good one of the first phrases you will notice is “the fiscal cliff.” Whether it’s a discussion of how it’s not really a cliff, or what our various political leaders’ plans for avoiding it may be, the one common theme surrounding it all is uncertainty, and that …Read More

Is it Time to Start a New Business?

Starting a new business is always exciting and often times nerve racking.  Most entrepreneurs ask themselves the question, is this the time to start a new business?  Many experienced business owners and consultants agree that starting a business in a weak or emerging economy can be a benefit for numerous reasons.  Thus, now might be a great time to start the new business you have been thinking about and planning. …Read More

Recent Article Regarding Backlash Against Excessive Legal Fees

There was a recent article in the Wall Street Journal entitled “Backlash Building Against Legal Fees” by Jennifer Smith (10/22/12) which cited that a number of companies, especially larger companies, were scrutinizing legal bills much closer. What a great idea for these companies to check their bills much closer and demand a reasonable approach. The article cited that many companies were not approving excessive charges for copies, food, legal research, …Read More

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