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Excellence in All We Do (Following the Golden Rule)

Knowing the “why” we do what we do is important for many reasons. The “why” helps set the stage for how we accept responsibility and how we proceed with accomplishing our work. Our office was formed in September 1993 as a solo practice with one attorney and one administrative assistant/paralegal. When we started the office, our letterhead and logo included a gold line under the firm name. The gold line …Read More

Buying Certainty

If you turn on the news (or, as is more likely in today’s world, open up your favorite news website), chances are pretty good one of the first phrases you will notice is “the fiscal cliff.” Whether it’s a discussion of how it’s not really a cliff, or what our various political leaders’ plans for avoiding it may be, the one common theme surrounding it all is uncertainty, and that …Read More

Business and Succession Planning

A succession plan sets out the details of a business owner’s departure from his or her business and often helps avoid family disputes.

−Business and Succession Planning

Business planning is an important topic to business owners. Most business owners are focused on getting things done so that their businesses can make money. While it is this full steam ahead mentality and drive for success that makes entrepreneurs successful, going forward without a plan can cause problems. On occasion, we all need to slow down, write down some goals and establish a plan. Doing so can make a …Read More

E-Discovery: Why It Can Impact Your Law Suit

What happens to you and your fellow co-workers when the office network is down? Complete and utter chaos, right? This is a fairly predictable answer since in today’s world, paper files are becoming a thing of the past. Instead, we scan documents into the system, make an electronic file, and people then view the information on their laptops, smart phones, or i-Pads. But because every form of data nowadays seems …Read More

Equipping Your Employees and Company for the Worst

When people encounter high pressure situations, their bodies react in one of three ways: fight, flight, or freeze.  What some employers do not recognize is that when employees find themselves in unexpected high stress situations, more often than not, workers freeze and are unable to adequately deal with the situation unfolding around them. So how can employers prepare employees for these situations?  Here are a few tips: Act It Out: …Read More

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