Effect of Notice of Appeal on Judgment Enforcement

We often have situations arise where a debtor seeks to avoid execution on a judgment by giving notice of appeal to the North Carolina Court of Appeals. Often debtors, and even some lawyers, operate under the impression that if they appeal a judgment, a creditor is precluded from taking steps to execute on the judgment. This is an incorrect assumption.

Podcast: What Contract Terms are Needed for a Successful Collection Effort?

In this episode of the Vann Attorneys Legal Pad Podcast Attorneys James Vann and Ian Richardson discuss issues associated with business contracts. Topics include, whether credit should be extended, and how much, key contract terms, effective credit applications, and how to set yourself up to possibly recover your attorney’s fees if you must use a lawyer to collect on an account.

Podcast: Commercial Collections Basics

In this episode we provide an overview of the Vann Attorneys Legal Pad Podcast which will focus on issues that arise in business and credit and collections litigation. Attorneys James Vann and Ian Richardson provide a high level overview of the credit and collections process from the initial contract through post-judgment collection efforts. In the episodes which follow, James and Ian will breakdown each of the topics discussed in more detail.

Help For Creditors Regarding Collecting Out-of-State Judgments

Suppose you have a judgment against a debtor and the debtor either leaves the state or owns property in another state. How can you collect on your judgment? The answer to this question lies in a basic understanding of how these “foreign judgments” operate.

Collections Techniques in Bankruptcy

Jim Beck discusses discusses situations in which a bankruptcy is either beneficial to a creditor or only a mild hindrance to collection. Creditors should actively seek out opportunities to use the bankruptcy laws to their benefit and make sure there are no available recovery options prior to ceasing collection activities.