Drone Law Coming to North Carolina

Most of us are familiar with unmanned drones being used for military and reconnaissance purposes. However, some are looking for ways to use drones for commercial purposes. For example, Amazon is exploring the feasibility of delivering packages via drones. Farmers already use drones to fertilize crops. North Carolina is seeking to become a leader in the drone industry, hoping to bring jobs, entrepreneurs and new opportunity to the state.

The Triangle Business Journal reported that legislation is being discussed with regard to governmental and commercial use of drones within the state. Some major legal issues include licensing, use of air space, the potential for misuse and privacy issues. Criminal laws as well as civil laws will have to be implemented. In addition, the role of federal law cannot be ignored and the law will likely have to take federal regulations into considerations, particularly with respect to the use of commercial air space which is controlled by the FAA.

Technology often rewards us, or burdens us depending on your viewpoint, with new aspects of law to be aware of that may affect our lives and our businesses. Perhaps you are looking for ways to take advantage of the use of drones, or maybe you are concerned about the negative consequences of this technology. Either way, the development of drone law and the use of drones for various purposes will be something worth watching.