Webinar: Protecting Your Organization’s “Secret Sauce” & Intellectual Property

Thursday, August 7, 2014 from 11:00 to 11:45 a.m.
Vann Attorneys & the Ottavio Group: Protecting Your Organization’s “Secret Sauce” – The importance of safeguarding your business’s intellectual capital

Between an aging workforce and Millennials who change jobs frequently, business productivity is at risk. Critical and unique knowledge is lost when employees leave or retire. And it’s not just lost knowledge. Rapidly growing companies see workforces expand and move into new roles resulting in the need to onboard new and internal employees. Mergers, acquisitions, generational succession transfers and reorganizations, along with new technology, also change employee knowledge requirements and can place a strain on productivity.

Join us for our webinar on August 7th as knowledge transfer experts Ron Ottavio and John Mehalek and Attorney James R. Vann share the importance of protecting an organization’s intellectual capital or “secret sauce” – the unique and vital knowledge that keeps day-to-day operations in motion, drives creativity and innovation, and sets it apart from the competition and how to protect this information legally.

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Ron Ottavio
Ottavio Group

John Mehalek, Jr.
Director of Operations
Ottavio Group

James R. Vann
Attorney at Law
Vann Attorneys

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