Webinar: Understanding the Nuts & Bolts of LiensNC

Tuesday, January 28, 2014 from 3:00 to 3:45 p.m.
Vann Attorneys Webinar: Understanding the Nuts & Bolts of LiensNC

Webinar on how to efficiently give notice to Lien Agents
Hosted by Vann Attorneys
Sponsored by LiensNC and NACM – South Atlantic

What challenges are you having with using the LiensNC system? What questions do you have about finding data and using the database? What suggestions do you have as a user? This webinar will feature a Q&A session on how to secure your liens and make sure you are getting the right information from the LiensNC.com website.

Submit your questions, comments and thoughts to webinar@vannattorneys.com. We will post questions as we receive them on our website. We will address questions during our webinar.

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Also submit your questions through social media:
Email: webinar@vannattorneys.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/VannAttorneys and #NCLienLaw
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Questions and suggestions we have received:

  • How do we give notice to a lien agent for work performed for an entire subdivision?
  • What should I do if we give notice to a lien agent and the information is incorrect?
  • How long will information be on the website regarding a project?
  • I’ve been asked to sign a lien waiver or subordinate my lien notice because a homeowner had not closed their loan and the closing attorney would not close without our sending waiver.  What should happen?
  • Any tricks or shortcuts for using the search engine?
  • Is the LienNC.com web site the only authorized site for posting job and Lien Agent data? If so, why didn’t the state require that the “Notice of Contract” data be filed on this same site?
  • For jobs under $30,000, do we still have lien rights “after” the job finishes if we do not receive payment (i.e. the same rules/requirements as in the past)?
  • Is it possible to file multiple liens at a time?
  • Should we select/file multiple “Appointment To Lien Agent” on the basis of the same “Customer” or “Ship To” address?
  • Can the name, address, phone number and email ID for the lien claimant appear automatically (after clicking on the “Appointment to Lien Agent”?
  • Is it possible to view all search result on one page (in order to use (Ctrl + F more effectively)?
  • Is there an easier way to search for specific words? For example, If I search “white street”, it will bring up everything with the word “white” in it.  Searching by county name will also bring up other counties.
  • Suggestion: Create different drop down boxes for lookup. (Contractor, Owner, Job, Filer, etc.)
  • Suggestion: Once you have located a Contractor create further sort capabilities.  A lot of times we know who the builder is and we need to find address.  Sort numerically.
  • Suggestion: Create sort feature for my filings.
  • Suggestion: Speed up the print command to convert file to PDF


James R. Vann
Attorney at Law
Vann Attorneys

Nick Long
NC State Counsel
Old Republic National Title Co.

Complimentary for Clients & Guests
Webinar ID: 131-668-019

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