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Confidentiality Provisions in Settlement Agreements

If you’ve ever signed a settlement agreement resolving some dispute, chances are pretty good it contained a confidentiality provision. In many cases, one side or both wish to keep the terms of a settlement to themselves – whether to avoid disclosure of amounts paid to settle or for some other reason. In our experience, these provisions are often paid lip service, but routinely ignored. A recent case from Florida illustrates …Read More

North Carolina Lien Law Under Review Again

The North Carolina General Assembly appointed a committee in 2013 to study a specific element of North Carolina Lien Law. The Lien Law Review Committee was initially charged with studying the impact of modifying lien law regarding leased real property. Just recently, several other issues have popped up from industry groups interested in changing the North Carolina Lien Law again. One of these groups would like to have Potential Lien …Read More

Webinar: Handling Money of Others – Sales Tax, Escheat Property & Cashing Checks

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 from 3:00 to 3:30 p.m. Vann Attorneys Webinar: Handling Money of Others – Sales Tax, Escheat Property & Cashing Checks We will discuss three topics that are always of high interest among our clients: sales tax, escheat property, and cashing the checks of customers. What’s the proper way of handling funds of customers that have not been returned to them? What are the North Carolina requirements for handling …Read More

Podcast: Understanding the Nuts & Bolts of LiensNC

Understanding the Nuts & Bolts of LiensNC includes a discussion about the LiensNC system, questions about finding data and using the database, suggestions for users, and a Q&A session on how to secure your liens and make sure you are getting the right information from the LiensNC.com website. Hosted by Vann Attorneys Sponsored by LiensNC and NACM – South Atlantic Presented by: James R. Vann Attorney at Law Vann Attorneys Nick Long NC …Read More