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June 2010

Supreme Court’s Recent NFL Ruling a Good Reminder for Trade Associations

Many of our clients are members of trade associations or other organizations consisting of separate businesses coming together to work towards a common goal.

−Supreme Court’s Recent NFL Ruling a Good Reminder for Trade Associations

The Supreme Court recently  ruled that the National Football  League’s apparel contract with  Reebok is subject to the Sherman  Antitrust Act. Believe it or not, this ruling may affect your business. The Plaintiff, an apparel company, sued the NFL alleging that the league’s apparel contract with Reebok violates the Sherman Antitrust  Act. The Act provides that “[e]very  contract… in restraint of trade or commerce… is declared to be illegal.” The antitrust …Read More

DAVID COCKMAN – NCBA Hall Of Fame Inductee

David plays a vital role in Vann & Sheridan, LLP, offering his 50+ years of experience, by providing practical case advice and direction several times per week.

−DAVID COCKMAN – NCBA Hall Of Fame Inductee

We are pleased to announce that our friend David Cockman, an attorney with Vann & Sheridan, recently received a well deserved honor – admission  into the North Carolina Bar  Association’s General Practice Hall of  Fame. The NCBA Hall of Fame is a  highly prestigious institution which  typically admits only six attorneys per  year statewide. David’s official induction  occurred June 24, 2010 at the NCBA’s Annual Meeting in Wilmington, North Carolina. …Read More

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