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So You Want to Start a Business | Raleigh Law Firm

Many people in America dream of owning their own business. Every day, people quit their jobs and risk everything so they can have the freedom and control to make their own way in the business world. Many who become entrepreneurs certainly have the business knowledge and experience to be successful. Unfortunately, even great entrepreneurs fail to consider the legal aspects of their new endeavor and they fail to reach their …Read More

Collecting a Judgment: The Sheriff/Deputy Is Of Vital Importance

If assets are found, our office will contact our client to explain what has been located, the cost of levy, and the possibility that levying on the asset will generate funds.

−Collecting a Judgment: The Sheriff/Deputy Is Of Vital Importance

A vital benefit the legal process of obtaining a judgment affords you is the ability to utilize the services of the local Sheriff’s Office in an effort to collect the debt. Once a judgment is recorded, the appeal period has passed, and, if required, Notice of Right to Claim Exempt Property has been served, your attorney can obtain a Writ of Execution from the Clerk of Court in the county …Read More

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