Webinar: How to Prepare for Mediation

Attorneys James Vann and Caitlin Truelove discuss how mediation works along with suggestions for being prepared for a fruitful mediation. We review some tried and true tips to be best prepared as you negotiate and mediate issues of disagreement.

Webinar: New Laws for Businesses in 2024

Vann Attorneys presented the webinar ‘New Laws for Businesses in 2024’, hosted by James Vann and J.D. Hensarling. In this session, we reviewed some of the more important new laws coming into effect for 2024 for businesses in North Carolina. We looked at North Carolina law and a few Federal laws that could impact businesses and/or the business owners. Watch and listen as we review these important new laws and updates.

Webinar: Negotiation Wisdom in Business & Litigation

In this session, we delve into the art and science of negotiation, a crucial skill in both business and legal contexts. We explore effective strategies for negotiation, examining how they can be applied to achieve desirable outcomes in various scenarios. From the boardroom to the courtroom, understanding negotiation dynamics can profoundly impact your success.

Webinar: Lien Waiver, Lien Cancellations & Other Related Issues

We discuss the current law in North Carolina regarding Lien Waivers, Lien Cancellations and other Related Issues. We look at specific wording for lien waivers and cancellations. We discuss when to use conditional language and look at a few real-life examples of forms being used. If your company is asked to sign lien waivers, this webinar will be helpful to you. This webinar is be hosted by attorneys James Vann and J.D. Hensarling.

Webinar: Legal Tips for Collecting Accounts Receivable in 2023 Economy

Will the 2023 economy make your commercial collection efforts more difficult? What legal tips are available to help your organization’s accounts receivables? We discussed current economic commercial trends and how they are impacting accounts receivables. James Vann also discussed tips for collecting in light of the 2023 economy.

Webinar: Tips for Collecting Commercial Past Due Accounts in a Changing Economy

Does your organization struggle with collecting commercial past due accounts? Has the changing economy made your collection efforts more difficult? As interest rates go up and the market becomes increasingly volatile, tried and true techniques in collecting commercial accounts are vital. Attorney James Vann discussed methods, tips and suggestions to strengthen your collection efforts. We also shared proven techniques and tips from experienced credit professionals.

Webinar: Get Prepared for Litigation!

No matter the size of your organization, chances are high you will face a claim in the future. Preparing for and understanding litigation is critical for any business leader. In this webinar, attorney J.D. Hensarling discusses some tips and best practices to help your organization prepare for litigation.

Webinar: Breach of Contract: What Does it Mean?

What is a breach of contract? What are damages? What are unfair and deceptive trade practice claims? What happens if signatures are questionable on contract documents? Attorneys James Vann and Jim Beck discussed these topics and more during this fast-paced webinar.

Webinar: Creditor’s Rights in 2022

As a business creditor, how do you protect yourself for re-payment? What protections are allowed? Can you charge finance charges, when and how much? What documents help you the most? We looked at a variety of situations for best practices and protection.

Webinar: New Laws

What new laws and/or regulations do you need to be aware of to better manage your business? How can you use the new regulations to protect your company? We discussed new North Carolina and Federal Laws enacted that may impact your business. This has always been a popular topic for our clients and guests. We discussed these topics and more during this fast-paced webinar.

Webinar: How to Spot and Resolve Payment Scams

Payment scams are on the rise. Customers are trying to order and pay for goods and materials by phone using credit cards, debit cards and other forms of payment. How do you spot fraudulent transactions? How do you resolve the potential fraud?

Webinar: Business Credit in Today’s Economy

We discussed the formation of business contracts, how to increase profitability for the company, key terms and conditions for businesses today and how to protect yourself in a fast paced economy. We discussed these topics and more during this fast-paced webinar.

Webinar: Best Practices in Commercial Collection Efforts

What are best practices in commercial collection efforts? What should I say and what should I not say? How should I communicate with our customer? How do I know how many times to call the customer? May I send an email to our delinquent customer with details of the past due account? Can I send the customer a text? We discussed these topics and more during this fast-paced webinar.