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Non-Compete Agreements in North Carolina | Raleigh Law Firm

Non-compete agreements are now a very common component of employment contracts. Generally, these agreements serve a useful purpose: they help keep markets and industries healthy by restricting companies from stealing each other’s employees solely to obtain clients or confidential information to damage their competitors. Smaller companies and startups are especially likely to rely on non-compete agreements to protect themselves from larger competitors. However, drafting an effective non-compete agreement in North …Read More

Social Media’s Impact on Employment | Raleigh Law Firm

Imagine you sent one of your top sales people to close a multi-million dollar deal with a large client. However, the deal falls through and you later find out it is because your sales person made numerous disparaging remarks about the company, its service, and its products. After proper investigation and documenting of the facts, it is determined that the sales person should no longer be employed by your company. …Read More

Does Drafting a Contract Really Require Learning Legalese?

Attorneys are often accused of writing overly complex and confusing documents, and nowhere does this seem to occur more often than in contracts – whether leases, purchase agreements, settlement agreements, or non-compete agreements. This type of writing includes phrases that only seem to exist in old books and new contracts – for example, “hereinbefore” instead of “above.” There are a few reasons that lawyers tend to use these phrases – …Read More

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