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Contracts: To Avoid Risks, Plan, Review and Be Precise

Whether it’s buying a home, applying for credit or accepting a new job, people and businesses are drafting and executing contracts every day. Often, these contracts are not understood by the individuals signing them and perhaps not even read. Even lawyers such as this one have signed (or clicked) without reviewing all of the fine print. Nobody likes reading through all that legalese, but when we enter into agreements that …Read More

Foreclosing Deeds of Trust: Another Collection Tool

Over the past couple of years, there has been a substantial increase in foreclosures in North Carolina and around the nation. Certainly, the poor economy has been a major reason for the increase. However, according to the Greater Wilmington Business Journal, foreclosures in North Carolina declined in September. Many of our clients make use of Promissory Notes secured by Deeds of Trust on real property as a means of securing …Read More

Enforcing Judgments From Another State

In the recent North Carolina Court of Appeals case, Gardner v. Tallmadge, the Court held that a foreign judgment (a judgment issued in another state) was not enforceable in North Carolina since the Ohio court that originally issued the judgment lacked subject matter jurisdiction to do so. In Gardner, Mr. Tallmadge entered into a demand cognovit promissory note with Mr. Gardner.  A cognovit agreement is one in which the debtor …Read More

Could Your Contracts Be Doing More for You?

By carefully considering each proposed contract that comes across your desk, you are better able to determine the terms of your business deals.

−Could Your Contracts Be Doing More for You?

Our attorneys come across a wide variety of contracts on a daily basis, from credit applications to payment plan agreements to promissory notes. If there is one thing they have in common, it is that each contract is unique. That is why it is important that you make sure you read and fully understand any contract that you sign on your own behalf or on behalf of your business. Never …Read More

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